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Thoughts of Decay
Dim windows gray skies
Panels of light somehow
When I did dream my love did rise
In the corners of my thoughts an angels touch
I adored the rain
It fell on my window
The sound of calming
Thoughts like static
Visions in the spinal fluid
Knowing I was in body made me feel so hallow
Trapped in the cage of sorrow
Alone with my things to occupy
Scared of thinking anything could die
Watching the blue turn black
I pressed the button to turn the blue back on
Being afraid of losing the day
Worse of all the impending decay
These should not have been the thoughts I had
Ever bizzarre I was when I was five
:iconcaseofnihl:Caseofnihl 1 0
Pride and Duds
I wear my heart on my sleeve and all it gives is pain
I stick up for everyone and all I get it is that I'm wrong
I love life and I'm proud
No one cares when I'm down
I was born with bright blue eyes
Now I'm forgotten like this rhyme
A single page in a notebook
A wandering nobody who gives looks
I hope that one day I can be loved
But, not today
Today is the day of selfish duds
:iconcaseofnihl:Caseofnihl 1 0
Strangers in my House
There were strangers in my house and I don't remember them
They've been away for so long I don't how I've been
There something I have and I don't know what it is
It sings like the trees and kisses the sky
I was told it was my soul
I don't think that's what it feels
It feels so dead and so long ago
So much regret and loss
I forgive you for leaving, but you're strangers to me
I'm the only one in the world that has been through this
Your wounds are from a different place
So I'm isolated and I dream of trees and tasteless skies
But, I'm sorry I was just a kid and the instrument of your loss
Now I'm cursed to know how you feel
I just wish you could be here to tell me
Maybe then I could lose my soul
Because it hurts to have one
:iconcaseofnihl:Caseofnihl 0 0
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HEY man an it's been a long time! =D ( also I am your 777th viewer on deviant art! =D )
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It has been a while I'm not particular active, but thanks for the view. 
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No prob it was good. I have been drawing characters from Claymore for weeks ow, but I have never submitted anything, because I don't have a scanner, but I wish as I was half as good as you.
Lilyfield Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow ; v ;
Thank you so much but there are so many better Claymore artists then me and I bet you're one of them.

I've only ever drawn Teresa [And a little doodle of Helen that no one has seen] - I've done 3 drawings for Claymore and that's it. Claymore's are really hard to draw XD
Caseofnihl Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Like I said I don't have a scanner right now. I'll let you know when I get any pics, up but in all honesty I draw like a fourteen year old girl. I really need to practice. 
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